Security Consulting

Evolution of the concept of security


  • risk analysis and planning
  • business intelligence and due diligence
  • contingency planning and response
  • executive protection
  • media monitoring and compliance
  • worldwide investigation
  • litigation support
  • digital security

Companies need access to reliable information in order to take the right decision before implementing strategic plans including merger and takeover, investing money, entering a foreign market under  a joint venture, or simply appointing senior management.

Relying on inaccurate information could compromise the corporate performance and thus increase the risk of bankruptcy. With reliable sources one can take safer and more effective decisions and obtain a competitive advantage or new business opportunities.

Our network benefits from many years of experience in the intelligence field and as a consequence is able to evaluate the reliability of a subject or a company from the commercial, economic, entrepreneurial and ethical point of view.

Our network offers a complete service to combat  risk  and to respond to declared crisis situations by carrying out actions that protect people  property and public reputation.

Personal protection has a strategic importance, even though it is complementary to the preservation of assets and intangible goods.
Planning and responding to a crisis can require executive protection, carried out discreetly and professionally.

Infrastructure and asset protection is all part of risk analysis and of response planning. The use of physical and electronic protection measures coupled with the use of the anti-intrusion counter measures, and video surveillance systems for the recording and storage of images are key techniques for the mitigation of this type of risk.

The protection of personal and corporate reputation is critical especially  now that information can become available almost instantly on a global basis . Our network manages  crisis  response working alongside international partners who can plan and organize appropriate media counter measures.

Our strength lies is in the selection and training of the personnel dedicated to executive protection. We have developed intensive training programmes  that include a detailed understanding of professional ethics, the law and other practical matters..
Our personnel are trained to an international standards in military battle techniques  whilst at the same time being made aware that the use of  physical measures must be both proportionate and reasonable.

Our network has  enormous international experience in this field and we are able to collaborate with the world’s leading intelligence agencies. Consequently, we can provide our services in almost every country in the world including those which are categorised as “high risk”.