Integrated Security & Risk Management

The risk management phases are:

Risk Assessment
The Risk Assessment involves the analysis of the company’s operation and characterization. This provides information on:
• The probability of a risk event ;
• Risk impact assessment;
• The potential consequences.

Risk Management
Risk Management assesses
the best reaction to a risk event .

Risk Control
Risk Control is the entire process of policies, procedures and systems which an enterprise needs to manage in compliance with the law.

Security is divided into Property Security, Personal Security, Environmental Security and Information Security.
Enterprise Risk Management should take care of the corporate security on a wide scale, keeping and the procedures that influence the company’s strategic, operational, financial, technological and logistical choices.

For People the main security concern can be divided in physical individual and privacy. Physical individual security deals with the security of the subject and with their families, while privacy deals with confidentiality.
With goods, security concerns asset and intangible goods. Assets are divided in instruments and real estate, while corporate image is related to intangible goods.

We provide custom made plans; the main areas of interest are Emergency Restoration Plan, Crisis Communication Plan, Occupation Emergency Plan and Counter measures electronic crimes.
In the interest of our clients, we always focus on the Ethical Codes, the Administrative Responsibility of the Legal Entities, on Privacy Policy and on Safety and Health Protection at work.
Concerning workplace safety, we provide support with Union Relations, Safe Environment and Discrimination.

Frauds can be divided into internal and external frauds. Internal frauds include unauthorized activities, and thefts and frauds, while external frauds include computer crimes, and thefts and frauds.