Our Company

buildingStrategy & Security Advisory LTD – SSA EMEA is a company founded by Claudio Loiodice in 2010.

The company puts together the various areas of expertise from Government Intelligence and Business Intelligence.

As of today, SSA is one of the most important company providing professional services to clients; SSA is partner with Institutions, Governments, Companies, Bank Groups and Insurance Companies, professionals and private clients.

Right from the incorporation, SSA worked for some of the most important and influential companies in 40 Countries, gathering strategic information and thus acquiring a considerable experience and an in depth knowledge of the risks.

SSA operates directly in every Country in the World thanks to an efficient and wide network of contacts selected amongst the best specialists of finance, legal counsel, forensic accountancy and also amongst the International Police Groups.

SSA’s work methods consists in supporting the client in every aspect with personalized resources and solutions. Internal and external processes are custom made.

SSA’s strength point, which is the company’s distinctive quality, consist in thorough geopolitical analysis and reports. This enables SSA to provide also precise reports and descriptions on Countries and Organizations that are subject of war and economic crisis. This is an essential requirement for the risk mitigation.

SSA provides constant anti-fraud and anti-money laundering support. SSA is one of the few companies specialized in the fight against international financial frauds.

SSA’s policy always protects the interests of the weakest party and strongly condemns any criminal activity. SSA proudly collaborated with the local Authorities of different Countries in defeating sophisticated international criminal organizations. We represented the defrauded parties in criminal proceedings with excellent results.


Our Philoshopy

SSA’s philosophy is to minimize the chances of incurring a risk by analyzing meticulously and in advance the crisis factors and considering all available solutions in order to minimize the risk’s effects.

“Preventing a risk does not necessarily mean avoiding it.

Preventing a risk means the identification and prioritization of risks in order to avoid, minimize and control the impact of unfortunate events.

Risk Management Prevention consists of a complex series of procedures that allow to identify risks before they arise, in order to avoid them or to better manage them.”

“Individual wealth depends on the risk and danger level encountered in every day actions. In every man’s life there isn’t one single moment in which the risk is completely avoided. For this reason one cannot discuss about interventions that completely eliminate the risk, we can only mitigate the risk and bring it to acceptable levels.”

Integrity and impartiality have always been the values that reflect our way of doing business.
SSA’s code of conduct and its story require that every operation is carried out exclusively in full respect of the international regulations.

SSA can provide autonomously analysis and investigation reports in the UK, Switzerland, Italy, Morocco and the Middle East. SSA works with precious and trusted partners for analysis and investigation reports in the other European Countries, Russia, China, Australia, New Zealand, Central and West Africa and India.

Our Team

Services around the world with the same quality, confidentiality and reliability.

Claudio Loiodice - Managing Director Gabriele Loiodice - Investigation  Roberta Baima - External Relations Manager.  Martin De Sa’ Pinto - Analytics Strategy Legal Advisory  Digital Team